Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga 

Offered Summer 2018

Prenatal Yoga is a gentler, less strenuous sequences of poses and a greater use of props to support the body in poses. I offer modifications of asanas and use props (belts, bolsters, blocks, or chairs) to make asanas comfortable and more accesible during each stage of pregnancy.  Asanas and the pace of the class are appropriate for the changing pregnant body. You won't engage in certain categories of asanas,   that require you to lie on your back for extended periods of time or twist deeply.  This class offers a safe space for women to explore their minds and bodies during this exciting phase of life. 

Postpartum Yoga is similar to the pace of Prenatal Yoga. However, all asanas may be explored based on comfort level. Much of the physical practice is dedicated to regaining control of and strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles. This class is a safe space for mothers have recently given birth to find support, balance, and self-care resources during this, sometimes overwhelming, stage of life.



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