Family/Child Yoga (ages 3-8)

Special events offered Spring 2019

Family Yoga is a great way to spend quality time with your child while teaching them about self-care and listening to their bodies. This class is dedicated to supporting and encouraging a healthy bond between parent and child. Children focus on mind/ body awareness while enhancing gross motor function. Family members practice with their children to discover new ways of  creative self-expression and self-control.  These classes are held in 6 week sessions. 



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She learned so much in just one class!

“Winnie loved her first yoga class. I am impressed with how much she has learned in one class!"

— C.S..

Lifelong Lessons.

“Thank you for teaching LB this wonderful practice that he will carry with him for life!.”

— J.C.

Energy is the key.

“The boys of Project Pneuma love you!"

— Damion J. Cooper, Founder of Project Pneuma



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