You Were Built for This.

As I journey along this winding road of various life transitions,  I find myself experiencing moments of anxiety and uncertainty. I know these moments are not real. They come to test my resolve. To remind me of who I am and who I am striving to be each and every day. Despite knowing and understanding the path to clarity, walking path itself is less than lucid.  Enter Faith.  The faith that no matter the obstacles, all will be well. 

There were a few moments this week that sent me reeling. It was venting to a wise young friend and with the utmost confidence and sincerity, she look at me and said "You were built for this." It was if t God was looking directly at me and speaking through this beautiful earthly being. I stopped mid vent, nodded, and agreed. I was built for this. You were built for this. We were built for this. If we still ourselves enough, the universe will reveal all we need and most of what we want. In my classes I balance intense movement with moments of stillness. As with everything we do, practice reveals all. Sometimes we just have to practice being still,  accepting what is, and breathing. All the while understanding that sun will burn off the fog and illuminate our path. Namaste.