Freedom to Fly

I am here ready to spread my wings and fly! The spring and summer of the past year have been full of opportunities to reflect. There were times that I experienced situations that felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. However, the universe will always create a space for us to achieve balance. As challenging as the past few months have been, I have also been blessed with beautiful life-changing opportunity during this time. Our one job is to allow ourselves to be free and open so we can be divine vessels of love. We are powerful beings of light that will illuminate our own path if we just trust and have faith. Seems easy? However, we all know it’s not. Looking at ourselves in the mirror and trusting our own reflection is a life-long journey taken one step at a time until we begin to SOAR! Namaste.


Welcome to my Journey!

I would like to thank you for taking your time to follow and learn about me. The interesting thing is that I am also learning about me. Everyday I wake and wonder, "what lesson is in store today?"  I don't believe in qualifying my lessons. What I encounter is something I needed to either learn or relearn. Our lives are made of tiny steps down a long road. I am choosing to enjoy my path and catch a few snowflakes on my tongue along the way.  I want to hear from you. How do you care and show love to yourself? How do you live brilliantly? 

"and all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold." -Smash Mouth  

A 10 year old reminded me of this today. Break your mold!